Revenue Management Outsourcing
Mercury Hospitality Management is the one of the leading hotel revenue management company with a long track record of delivering strong revenue growth for hotels and lodging businesses. As a hotel management company, our hotel and revenue management solutions are focused on uncovering the hidden revenue potential of your hospitality business. Our team of hotel consulting and yield experts integrates itself as part of your company's hotel management team. And we interact constantly with various departments and levels of staff in your organization, just like an onsite revenue manager. The main difference is that remote revenue managers of Mercury Hospitality Management are based in our central offices, and work within a cluster of hotel yield experts on the strategies of your hotel. Benefits of Revenue Management Outsourcing
  • Onboarding a skilled team of experts
  • Taking advantage of carefully developed techniques
  • Bringing proven best practices to your hotel
  • Create more time to focus on guest service and operations management
We become your partner in developing the pricing and positioning strategies of your hotel. You will no longer need to hire, train or manage a revenue manager directly. Rather you will interact with one of our senior team managers, looking at the big picture strategy. We handle all the daily revenue management tasks for you, including rate loading, forecasting, competitor price benchmarking, and group quotation calculations. We also provide tips and recommendations on your online marketing strategy and will help you streamline your reservations operations. We go beyond the basics of revenue management as you are used to, and introduce a business development strategy in your hotel or resort. Why Work with Mercury Hospitality Management?
  • International track record since 2010
  • Vast experience with many different kind of properties
  • Strong business development STRUCTURE
  • Innovative approach to hotel strategies
  • Gain a competitive advantage in your local market
MERCURY HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT is a new breed of hoteliers, creating high performing hotels.
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